The magic of milk

Our journey started with a simple question: what makes milk, milk? If we could figure out what key ingredients give milk its amazing nutrition and ability to turn into so many delicious products, we could invent a way to make them without animals.

We discovered that milk proteins — whey and casein — are the secret: these complex molecules are perfectly structured to deliver creamy, melty, silky dairy deliciousness.

Nature's code

All proteins in nature are encoded by specific sequences of DNA called genes. Amazingly, every living creature on Earth can understand the same genetic code. So to create an animal-free version of milk proteins, we simply had to introduce these animal genes to an organism other than a cow.

The actual cow genes are possible to obtain non-invasively, from hairs or even a cheek swab. For us, it was even easier; these genes are already catalogued in free scientific databases.

Made with microflora

We chose to use microflora (a microorganism such as bacteria, yeast, or in our case, fungi) to make our proteins because they have a long history of safe use making ingredients in many foods you eat today, and because microflora are particularly good at producing animal proteins.

We gave our microflora the genetic “blueprint” corresponding to whey and casein proteins, giving it the ability to produce real milk proteins — identical to what cows produce.

Now, as our flora grazes on simple plant-based inputs, it naturally produces milk proteins.

Fermentation tanks

To maximize the amount of protein we can produce (and for the most sustainable process), we grow our flora in large tanks at the optimal temperature, pH, and salinity. By following a strict cleaning regimen for our tanks and ensuring they’re a closed system isolated from the outside world, we can ensure we’re making the purest, safest milk proteins in the world.

Pure protein

Our proteins have proven to be identical to the ones found in milk. They are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA and are some of the purest proteins in the food industry.

As a result, you won’t find even a trace of lactose, cholesterol, hormones, antibiotics, or anything else that typically comes along for the ride in cow’s milk.

A better whey

The result is a protein like no other in the world. It’s identical to milk protein, packing more nutrition per gram than anything else we know of, and performs exactly as you’d expect in traditional dairy processes and recipes. And it’s all 100% animal-free.

Uncompromised Taste

So we can all continue to enjoy the foods we’ve loved for generations, in a kinder, greener world. That means your favorite yogurt, cheese, ice cream, milk and more — better with Perfect Day.