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To address a big challenge, you have to think big. That’s why we partner with food and dairy companies to bring kinder, greener options to the world.

We give food brands familiar ingredients made with an innovative twist to deliver the same creamy, melty, silky enjoyment as dairy while meeting consumer demands for more sustainable, animal-friendly products. Our ingredients are highly customizable and seamlessly fit into existing manufacturing processes.

Your New Favorite Ingredient

Perfect Day’s flora-made protein is the perfect base for all things dairy. It delivers the same nutrition as protein from cow’s milk with none of the lactose, cholesterol, or hormones. Plus, it’s neutral in flavor and highly functional to create products that even the best plant-based alternatives just can’t match.

Animal-Free Dairy

We’re already working with global partners for product launches through 2025. Get on board and take meaningful action towards your social responsibility and sustainability goals.

Our Partners

We’ve partnered with a select group of some of the highest-quality ice cream brands on the market, each offering a unique animal-free dairy dessert. Thanks to our animal-free dairy, our partners can now offer their customers the creamy, delicious taste of ice cream that plant-based alternatives just can’t match.

Innovate With Us

We’re already planning past 2025 with global partners. Organizations with 2030 sustainability goals have only a few short years to take meaningful action. Let’s get to work!

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